The Popular Podcast #220: Exercise as a Cure for Substance Withdrawal

Today we talk about how to deal with the difficult challenge of facing depression that accompanies eliminating substances from your life.

[Duration: 00:08:00 | recorded 3.26.10]

Full Episode Highlights:

  • Duration: 00:46:49
  • More on what a ‘Slurpee’ is and why we are giving it up
  • How to deal with giving up any vice
  • Talking about our new focus and how we can produce episodes that help people but don’t tell them how to live their lives
  • Lifefucking the Wellness Revolution and other possible new taglines
  • More on dealing with withdrawal and how we still turn to old standbys(food, alcohol, etc.
  • The things that actually set off our depression today (food and content issues)


Welcome Back, Lovers

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This is a difficult time for us, but we think it will be worth it in the long-run. Design is all about taking away, and the same applies to life design. The more you can take away, the more resolved your design will be. What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do? Or what is a challenge you are currently facing and how are you dealing with it? Share with us!

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