The Popular Podcast #215: Marathon Monday & personal power points

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We’re trying to figure out how to quantify personal power. We think it will help all of us transcend reality. Also, we’re getting close to tripping during our runs.

[Duration: 00:01:51 | recorded 3.14.10]

Full Episode Highlights:

  • Duration: 00:21:12
  • A long drawn out near argument. Who do you think is to blame for the crabbiness?
  • Fucking possum fucking going in our compost heap every day. Let’s shoot it. Will grass clippings keep the chicken wire stood up?
  • Then Kelly tries to make Jessica mow the lawn…
  • Let’s put off doing our taxes, and other calendar related discussion
  • What gives you personal power points?
  • When will the physical fighting break out?
  • We ordered new special running shoes!
  • A lot about nutrition–we tried making some sick direct fuel bites. Kelly explains ratios and what the best long run food is.


Welcome Back, Lovers

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What do you think personal power is? We used to think it had only to do with selfishness. And we used to be much less… altruistic. When we were driving back from Florida this year, I think we had mutual epiphanies about kindness and made our new years resolution simply “kindness”. It’s been getting a little easier lately, especially after our little mind unzipping experience. Everyone is part of The One, and knowing that makes it easier to try to respect and be kind to people.

Still every day is a battle against negativity and shit talk. What’s the solution? If people could hear what you think, would you have to run for your life? I know I would…

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