The Popular Podcast #209: Thrive Diet Raw Vegan Recipes

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We finally tried some of the recipes from the Thrive diet, and let’s just say they are…interesting.

[Duration: 00:03:42| recorded 2.27.10]

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Full Episode Highlights:

  • Duration: 00:06:49
  • The difference in how our bodies feel after eating a ‘Thrive’ meal
  • Why are we trying all these raw recipes in the first place?!
  • Is training for a marathon harder as a vegan? It seems like it should be easier.
  • Notes on 10mi run/walk
  • More details on the recipes


Welcome Back, Lovers

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Have you ever been at someone’s house and they served you something so nasty that you couldn’t eat it? What did you do? Did you spit it in your napkin?

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