The Popular Podcast #206:
Marathon Monday!

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A brief rundown of our running history and why we are training for the 2010 Illinois Marathon. This week, we are preparing to start the Thrive diet. Sponsor us, Brendan?

[Duration: 00:03:21| recorded 2.20.10]

Click Here to Sponsor a mile of the Illinois Marathon

Full Episode Highlights:

  • Duration: 00:14:54
  • Kelly almost barfs because we are talking about May, 2005 again
  • Trying not be sick spammy fucks about asking for sponsorships
  • More on how and why we started running
  • Catching up on our training so far, and where we stand now.
  • More on our experiences with nutrition supplements and energy gels


Welcome Back, Lovers

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What do you think, are we being too spammy about asking for the sponsorships? We try to think about how we would feel if other people were doing the same thing. I know I hate it when people are constantly asking for votes for shit. So, I try to bring up the sponsorship infrequently and in clever ways. I think its working :p

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