The Popular Podcast #204: Lifefucking Kerri Mullen

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Jessica’s sister Joy joins us today to talk about our other sister, Kerri. Kerri won third place in the Austin Chronicle 18th annual Short Story Contest, out of 620 entries! Jessica got to read her story at the ‘awards ceremony’ at Book People, since Kerri is far away in Berlin. Does this finally make up for the chicken pox birthday incident?

[Duration: 00:01:19| recorded 2.10.10]

Full Episode Highlights:

  • Duration: 00:04:23
  • More details on Kerri’s story, including Joy being the whiny one.
  • So do people get it that Kerri’s story is self-referential?
  • Having to quit gymnastics after Joy was born! Grr!


Welcome Back, Lovers

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Have you ever been replaced by a sibling at an event you were really looking forward to? Let’s beat them up!

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