The Popular Podcast #203: Lifefucking Natalie

[qt:/filez/video/tpp_203-iPhone.m4v /filez/video/tpp_203clicktoplay.jpg 480 360]

Our friend Natalie used to be Jessica’s arch-nemesis, but not anymore! Yep, it is that easy to buy our love. Thanks Natalie!

[Duration: 00:01:11| recorded 2.9.10]

Full Episode Highlights:

  • Duration: 00:07:47
  • An epilepsy inducing performance by Jessica, the light dancer
  • Lots of making out for some reason. I guess we were in a really good mood :D
  • I’m ugly, but I least I’m sexy ugly
  • And I have a fat ass
  • And Jessica has to use her head as a paper bag to block my face
  • And then we applaud our efforts


Welcome Back, Lovers

Click to watch ‘Natalie’ or use the links below to download the full episode and iPhone wallpaper.

Who is your current Arch-Nemesis and why?! Mine’s Teresa. And the wind. I hate the wind.

[qt:/filez/video/tpp_203premium-iPhone.m4v /filez/video/tpp_203clicktoplay2.jpg 480 360]

1 thought on “The Popular Podcast #203: Lifefucking Natalie

  1. i miss youze guys too!!!

    and the hot n tasty vegan homecookin, but youze much more.

    //ya know kel, i had never noticed that you even had acne, even now that you talk about it when i see you i don’t notice it.. i doubt other peoples do.. just sayin.

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