The Popular Podcast #202: Lifefucking The Parlor

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Another stop on our journey to find the perfect vegan pizza in Austin. We were hoping it would be bad, because we didn’t want our pizza addiction to relapse, but it was fucking delicious! Thanks a lot, The Parlor, for making us fat!

[Duration: 00:04:53 | recorded 2.4.10]

Full Episode Highlights:

  • Duration: 00:08:58
  • Honestly, we didn’t do much else in this episode besides massively NOM


Welcome Back, Lovers

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Well, our prediction came true. The Parlor became a problem, lol. We actually ordered it again that weekend. We are weak.

What things make you weak? What things do you do even though you know you are not supposed to do them? We have talked a lot about how when we do these things its like we are acting out against ourselves, against all the self-discipline we put on ourselves. Sometimes we think we are too controlling. What do you think?

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