The Popular Podcast #198: Lifefucking Bathtub Kindness

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We need more kindness and positive mental attitude in our lives to ward off the cancer and the death-karma. We are attempting to break our bad habit of shit-talking by stopping the other when she is on a roll and asking what a positive aspect of the situation is. We hope this will help us get into a better habit of looking for the positive of every situation. Plus, we’re in the bathtub.

[Duration: 00:01:47]

Full Episode Highlights:

  • Duration: 00:15:54
  • Filling up the tub with Jessica’s nail polish scab
  • Is Jessica’s dress maternity?
  • A conversation we had by only making noises slapping the water
  • Something someone did to my toothbrush one time
  • Bitch at Mr. Natural
  • More of Jessica’s routine, I mean puppet show, and then she gets her hair wet


Welcome Back, Lovers

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Do you have any so-called resolutions for 2010 and how are they working out? We didn’t really set out kindness to be a resolution, but more of a lifestyle change.

What are some things that help you be more tolerant?

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2 thoughts on “The Popular Podcast #198: Lifefucking Bathtub Kindness

  1. i know, right! its odd how much we had right (being negative causes cancer), without even knowing. i don’t even know where we got the cancer thing at the time. i honestly think we pulled it our of thin air.

    isn’t it cool how we create the answers to the questions we are asking?!

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