The Popular Podcast #193: Lifefucking kt shorb

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Director kt shorb stops by to talk about Stuck on GeeDot, a site-specific, devised play by The Generic Ensemble Company playing this weekend in Austin at The Lemon Peel Lounge. [Duration: 00:03:01]

Full Episode Highlights:

  • Duration: 00:14:50
  • More on cushions
  • More on our feelings for the cast members of GeeDot, well one cast member in-particular
  • Nepotism and kt’s involvement with the dramaturg
  • The woes of using your own home as a performance space
  • kt’s thoughts on our ‘state of mind’ when we arrived to her show. at least we were only 1 minute late


Welcome Back, Lovers

Click to watch ‘kt shorb’ or use the links below to download the full episode and iPhone wallpaper. We didn’t know kt very well before she came over for this interview, but we feel like the podcast was a good vehicle for getting to know her better. We want to do more interviews. What kinds of people should we interview / pursue / get to know better??

[qt:/filez/video/tpp_193premium-iPhone.m4v /filez/video/tpp_193clicktoplay2.jpg 480 360]