The Popular Podcast #192: Karibu Ethiopian in Austin, Texas

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Ethiopian vegetarians don’t eat milk or cheese, so the vegetarian dishes at Karibu are also vegan. They have six dishes to choose from, and you can order a combo of three or make your own. [Duration: 00:03:22]

Full Episode Highlights:

  • Duration: 00:16:35
  • Too much discussion about whether the bread is vegan. She never listens to me.
  • Taste-testing each of the vegetarian items available at Karibu, this was Kelly’s first time eating Ethiopian food.
  • Lots of licking, biting, chewing, and sucking
  • An interlude in which we alternate putting pieces of chocolate in our mouths and discussing how we can’t use what we are recording because the FUCKING HEAT IS ON


Welcome Back, Lovers

Click to watch ‘Karibu’ or use the links below to download the full episode and iPhone wallpaper. What are your weakness foods? Ours used to be pizza and ice cream, which is a main reason we had to stop eating dairy. Sad but true. What foods drive you crazy??

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  1. …must obey the pwny…

    i like the ad-space on thisn and i like it on #193 even better, looks really good!

    and i would def call those bangs, kel.. they appear to be assuming the bang position, if i do say so myself.

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