The Popular Podcast #189: We’re Back!

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We haven’t recorded a real episode (not with sanyo) in over a month because of an Apple SNAFU (go figure). They finally got it together and now we are back and we are tipsy! [Duration: 00:00:59]

Full Episode Highlights:

  • Duration: 00:08:22
  • #vegan#runner#douchebag update: running and veganism going well, slipping up on HFCS
  • another in-depth conversation about Sugar Mama’s
  • wondering how me make the premium better. again.
  • beginning discussion of subversive lifestreaming and what that means – aka ‘amping up the lifestreaming chatter’
  • an early arrival to our small gathering and jessica’s subsequent confessional


Welcome Back, Lovers

Click to watch ‘We’re Back!’ or use the links below to download the full episode and iPhone wallpaper. What do you think about Apples customer service? I have mixed feelings, but I definitely feel the user experience in the store is severely lacking. Do you have any horror stories? We were thinking of starting a photo-blog called ‘People of Apple Store’, and its just a bunch of pissed of looking people. and douchebags.

[qt:/filez/video/tpp_189premium-iPhone.m4v /filez/video/tpp_189clicktoplay2.jpg 480 360]

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