The Popular Podcast #188: how to take a vegan road trip

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We took a road trip to Palm Bay, Florida to see Kelly’s family. It took a ton of preparation, but we managed an entirely vegan diet throughout the trip. We brought a lot of our own kitchenware, prepared a ton of food to eat on the road, and cooked most meals while there (along with non-vegan options for the rest of the family). Our vegan road trip meal preparation:
vegan road trip meal board

What you do on the first day of the year often predicts how your year will turn out. What did you do on the first day that you want to carry
through the year? Us: COOKING COOKING AND MORE COOKING. [Duration: 00:01:34]

Full Episode Highlights:

  • Duration: 00:11:51
  • beans before a road trip, not good.
  • pistashios and bananas are not an adequate replacement for bbq chips and dill sunflower seeds
  • catching Jessica in the act
  • driving through Houston, Tx
  • finally we arrive in Florida. At Ron Jon’s.
  • Kelly’s brother Spencer makes several sexy cameos.
  • We bake vegan pizza for 6 hours on NYE.
  • we are very cutely annoying at midnight.
  • Kelly’s patented pizza dough ball weighing method.
  • The drive home from Florida & what we did when we got back.


Happy new year my pets!

Click to watch ‘vegan road trip’ or use the links below to download the full episode and iPhone wallpaper. What did you do for the holidays? Did you travel far? What kind of treats did you get to eat? Hungrily yours, Jessica.

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