The Popular Podcast #180: Finals Week

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It’s finals week for Jessica at the University of Texas. We’re cooking, feeding strays, showing you the contents of our fridge, and touching our pussies with spicy hands. [episode trailer 00:00:59]

Chapters in the full premium episode:

  • Drinking white wine spritzers again. Don’t spill any more!
  • Making salsa and the resulting spice-hands.
  • Jessica spent a spritzer-fueled evening making something out of an old computer keyboard.
  • Epiphany: we’re going to read out loud to each other! (This happened exactly once)
  • We decide to make a rug out of all our old panties and talk about how else we can fix up our janky house… and lots more cooking with TPP.

Subscriber Notes

  • Full premium episode duration: 00:08:51


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