The Popular Podcast #179: Turkey Day Week

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This week was a good one for The Popular Podcast. We are (pretty much) ‘on the wagon’, and Jessica is wrapping up her semester with the successful completion of her financial lifestream. Highlights from this week include dinner and drinks with Sharon, Pre-Cumsgiving with Joy, and of course, the Turkey Day itself.

Chapters in this Episode:

  • 11.23.09: In typical aftermath fashion, we lament weekend binge behavior. Notice how quickly we return down the same path.
  • Lifefucking Financial Lifestream: We did have reason to celebrate on a Monday (besides dinner with Sharon)- Jessica successfully completed her financial lifestream. Premium members, download Raw Lifefuck: the unedited version.
  • 11.24.09: Our only ‘sober’ day of the week. Does it show? It appears the highlight of this day was making buttered, cinnamon-sugar tortillas. They didn’t really turn out as planned.
  • 11.25.09: I’ve decided Thanksgiving Eve is one of my new favorite holidays. All the anticipation of delicious food and togetherness in the air. Everyone feels the way they think they will feel on Thanksgiving before they get annoyed by their family members. That’s why pre-cumsgiving feasts are the best. We had ours with Joy, Jessica’s sister.
  • Thanksgiving: A pleasant afternoon and evening in the Hill Country. Jessica was on the fence about staying over, but an under-inflated tire made the decision for us. Luckily we packed wine and toothbrushes ‘just in case’. We were also able to get our grocery shopping done before the Black Friday madness. An all around successful holiday.

Show Notes

  • Duration: 00:09:09
  • Raw Lifefuck Duration: 00:04:51
  • Audio Credit: Tinselle by Torley

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