The Popular Podcast #178: Internal Motivators

We are always trying to take the podcast to new levels, and while we are fond of our new editing style, we still felt like the premium content was too boring. If we can’t watch it ourselves, who will?

We asked ourselves after a long, tiring brainstorming session (ones about TPP content tend to be that way), what would we do if our motivator wasn’t money? If the goal is not to get subscribers, but really just to make something that we are proud of, everyone wins because we end up making better content. That is our hope, anyway.

Topics covered in this episode of The Popular Podcast:

  • Pic Posterous iPhone ap: We tried it, it sucks
  • East Austin Studio Tour: Dos and Don’ts for artists participating in the tour
  • Infiltrating online communities: And how we need Penelope Trunk’s attention
  • Austin Mac Works: We tried them, the are ok, but kind of suck
  • Making Sushi of the South: From scratch tortillas and hot sauce make for a spicy ride
  • Pie Season: Junk food binge = us at our weakest

[qt:/filez/video/tpp_178premium-iPhone.m4v /filez/video/clicktoplay_tpp178.gif 480 360]

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