The Popular Podcast #174: Lifefucking Studio Art Girls

Jessica figures out what she’s been missing in school: girls that just want to ‘have fun’.



I’m Drunk. Again.

Topics covered in this episode of The Popular Podcast:

  • The ‘real story’ behind how Jessica got her first graphic design day job at Torque in Chicago through ISPACE. Two words: sausage fest.
  • How we didn’t care about being fat because we were drunk.
  • Kelly’s feeling of being unproductive, but magically ‘performing chores’ and amazing ‘Sweetcron theme tennis’.
  • Following exactly what you’re interested in. Do you like taking quizzes? Be a quiz designer. Importance of iPhone apps emphasized.
  • How Kel’s working on overhauling her website and how fucking useful it is. We try to skip a conversation about datarouting with Posterous because we think no one will ‘get it’.
  • How we’re making up this ‘lifestream design’ shit up as we go along and it’s really working out for us
  • Do you live in a ‘lifestream ecosystem’ at the beach?

How do you ‘make money’ with a podcast? | 00:08:01

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