The Popular Podcast #166: Weekend Blurge Cycle

In this episode, Jessica ‘h8s everything’. She ‘h8s eating pizza’, she ‘h8s not eating pizza’, she ‘h8s working out’, she even ‘h8s h8ing’, but most significantly, she ‘h8s herself’.



Will we resort 2 starving rselves?

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Why do we h8 every1 & everything?! | 00:09:53

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6 thoughts on “The Popular Podcast #166: Weekend Blurge Cycle

  1. Touching yourself = loving yourself.

    Then again, if you’re touching yourself and hating yourself at the same time, you better start using more fingers. Better bump it up to 4.

  2. Super random: what if you guys did a cooking post? I mean…you cook all that good looking shit and put your pics up about it, but you could actually just do a little video about salsa or whole wheat English muffins. It might take a little pressure of the blog (and you’d simultaneously get some cooking done).

  3. Yeah exactly! Not to turn you into a cooking show…but I thought it would fit with the fitness stuff (and the mentions of cooking). =)

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