The Popular Podcast #165: Austin City Women’s Basketball

It feels ‘humbling’ to be the worst player on the team.



I don’t remember the score.

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What does Kelly really think? | 00:11:08

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7 thoughts on “The Popular Podcast #165: Austin City Women’s Basketball

  1. OMG…I can’t stop laughing. You twirling your wand saying “…I’m gonna fuck you up” needs to be spread everywhere! Awesome post!

  2. Am I the only one who’s concerned that Kelly’s uniform seems to be ispired by the Cobra Kai.

    Dunk First, Dunk Hard

    I had similar experiences with city basketball in Hoboken. Go fuck yourselves, bball nazis

  3. Dollygagging doesn’t work, but now it works under nataliestrobach…which is fine by me. Thanks for asking though!

  4. @dan i totes had 2 google cobra kai. i like that it reminds u of karate kid, thats kinda hot. its nice 2 commiserate w/ someone about the bball. maybe we should form r own team ^_^

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