The Popular Podcast #159: Lifefucking Texas Parents

Did you know if you spend a lot of time on Facebook or other social media sites such as Friendster that you will get raped and pillaged? Its ‘tru’.



Are we done now?

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Y is Kel always so crabby and rude? | 00:10:34

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4 thoughts on “The Popular Podcast #159: Lifefucking Texas Parents

  1. Being cynical doesn’t contribute to a solution!

    Would a healthy discussion to have be how *privacy* is being used to montetize/protect The Popular Pod Cast’s content?

    From Pay Pal’s “How We Help Protect Sellers”:

    “…We here at Pay Pal make every effort to ensure Merchant privacy using buyer address verification and transaction screening. We work behind the scenes to monitor activity and use proprietary fraud risk models…protecting you from identity theft and loss of payment. Our security teams cooperate with the FBI and other law enforcement agencies…”

  2. Todd, that is a great point. I think it would be mad interesting to record an episode about our ‘premium’ content and how we rationalize that within our ‘there is no privacy’ states-of-mind.

    The short explanation is that, as u kno, the content is public domain. It is less of a conflict between ‘public’ and ‘private’ as it is between ‘public’ and ‘premium’. We don’t publish our ‘premium’ content with any expectation that the content will always remain ‘private’.

  3. May I suggest a [drunken] round table discussion on this particular subject that includes @sanity, @Johnperrybarlow, and myself?


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