The Popular Podcast #150: This Podcast Rulez, Plz RT!

Fresh off of Jessica’s back-to-school informal gathering boat at Red House, we are having a drink to celebrate The Popular Podcast (and new staff crushes)! We will be starting our first garden soon, thanks to some consulting from the incomparable Laura Mckissack. I wonder if Jessica will let me grow herb(s). Also, we made our second time around boutique to Jorge’s last night after the owner reached out to Jessica on Yelp. The experience was…



Always leave them wanting more

Kelly gets a new avatar and Jessica fawns over herself. How do we look? Must you say you are amazed?

Why does Jessica hate herself? | 00:03:29

[qt:/filez/video/tpp_150preroll-iPhone.m4v /filez/video/clicktoplay_preroll.jpg 480 360]

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3 thoughts on “The Popular Podcast #150: This Podcast Rulez, Plz RT!

  1. Hey there…arch nemesis again… I just wanted to respond to your tweet about stir fry recipes (I can’t Twitter back). Have you checked out It’s a pretty amazing recipe database. You can even enter a few ingredients and it will search via that to find you recipes. I’m addicted to it. Hope that is some help!

  2. hi natalie, thanks for the comment. i have come across some recipes on but never actually used one i dont think. do you have any favorites?

    also, y can’t you twitter back??

  3. I noticed that the postroll download link downloads a file that has preroll within the filename. Is this correct?

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