The Popular Podcast #149: Lifefucking Sushi!

We have wanted to try making sushi from scratch for some time, and we finally got the balls to go through with it. Acquiring all the supplies for our first time was an annoying, yet exciting adventure, and now we will probably make sushi everyday! Do you think it would be good with salsa?


sushi rice in a non-reactive bowl.

‘The rice is the most important part.’

Making sushi is much easier than it appears. Everyone will tell you, “Oh you have to make sure you get the rice just right.” It is really not that hard. You put the rice in the cooker, cook it, then mix in a vinegar mixture. More on that later. The true challenge to preparing sushi is gathering all the supplies for your first time.

amy's ice cream in austin texas

Anticipating the difficult task ahead, we had Amy’s for lunch!

empty cups after lunch at amy's ice cream in austin texas

Just vanilla with Butterfinger mixed in. Best Lunch EvAr!

jessica locking her bicycle to the car

We did all these errands with Jessica’s bike on the back of the car, because some deck had effed up her brakes. No worries, the boys at University Cyclery fixed it up right good for her.

supplies to purchase to make sushi at home

The List

  • rice vinegar
  • sugar
  • salt
  • limes (sub. 1T lime juice for vinegar for zestier rice)
  • wooden spoon or large chopsticks (purchased, didn’t use)
  • rice cooker
  • bamboo mat(s)
  • sushi rice
  • nori (seaweed sheets)
  • tuna (didn’t purchase)
  • mayo (didn’t use, ours was expired)
  • avocado
  • cucumber
  • jalapeno
  • green onions
  • sesame seeds
  • cream cheese (we had cayenne that we mixed in)

mt supermarket chinatown center austin texas

It appears Austin’s Chinatown is in a stripmall.

mt supermarket chinatown center austin texas

Better Photo.

purchasing sushi supplies at mt supermarket in austin texas

Why does this Supermarket not have bamboo mats?

oriental bakery and grocery austin texas

Um… I don’t think they are going to have them.

oriental bakery and grocery austin texas

One of the women at Oriental Grocery- they were all sitting around watching some soap opera.

purchasing bamboo mats at Asahi imports

Finally found the bamboo mats at Asahi Imports! This store was nice and small. I would much rather come here than MT.

purchasing a rice cooker

Our very first rice cooker! We were going to try it without, but our pot sucks and we thought this would be a good investment. I love it!

our homemade sushi set up pictured from above

Our sushi supplies.

photo of kelly taking a photo of the table from above

Photo of a photo

We chopped our veggies and mixed our vinegar before cooking the rice, just to have everything prepared. Let the rice stand for 5-10mins in the cooker, then transfer to a non-reactive bowl and fold in your mixture. Be careful not to destroy the integrity of the rice grains. A paddle came with the rice cooker, otherwise you could use a wooden spoon or large chopsticks. Alternately fold and fan the rice to help it cool to room temperature.

recipe to properly season your sushi rice

Seasoning recipe: 5T rice vinegar, 1t sugar, 1/2t salt. We substituted 1T vinegar for lime juice. This is for four cups of cooked rice.

our beautiful homemade sushi set up

Cut vegetables and mix cream cheese with cayenne pepper.

applying rice to nori

Spread a thin layer of rice over the bottom 3/4 of your nori. You don’t want to use too much rice, because your roll will be too fat and fall apart.

Here is a great tutorial on how to do the actual rolling.

our first maki roll ever

Jessica’s first roll kinda fell apart.

kelly's first maki roll

Kelly’s first roll was perfect ;)

three sushi rolls together

Only made 5 total, may have used a lil too much rice on the first 4.

jessica eating homemade sushi

She likes it!

kelly satisfied from eating homemade sushi



The Climax

Watch us roll and taste our first ever sushi rolls. The rice was really sticky.

Peep our patented rice-removal system | 00:22:28

[qt:/filez/video/tpp149_rollingsushi.m4v /filez/video/clicktoplay_breel.jpg 480 360]

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