The Popular Podcast #133: lifefucking brainstorming sessions


We had to pitch the whole “overriding your pretentious reality version” slogan in favor of something much more concise: lifefucking. (Listen to a mini-clip about it from our bike ride today.) We talk about our brainstorming sessions and how useful they are, especially combined with exercise! What are your brainstorms like? We’d love to see your notebooks or videos.

Below is one potential design process for brainstorming sessions that we’ve utilized before:

1. general topic research
2. remove oneself from technology
3. two hour brainstorm

  • a. define problem background
  • b. define agenda of brainstorm session
  • c. identify overarching life goals
  • d. ask how the problem can be solved in a way that furthers life goals
  • e. find solution, give up because it’s too hard

4. take break, at least overnight
5. review notes/brainstorm
6. organize information and make new connections
7. find simplest enactment of solution
8. break solution down into actionable steps
9. complete one step per day until solution is complete
10. verification/testing/revision



Jessica’s new part

Kelly doesn’t like the futon placement. We’re planning a nude photo shoot for tonight!

Find out more about the nudie shoot below | 00:08:01

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