The Popular Podcast #127: whatever you eat, you’re made out of corn

What the hell do you do about the high fructose corn syrup situation in the US? Do we become vegetarians? We don’t really get the corn politics but at least we know we don’t want diabetes. Still, we can’t afford grass fed and meat tastes good. In good news, our premium content stream is looking delicious!


corn, premium content, not the L word

Trying to figure out this episode… Kelly suggested talking about the L word but I’m not into revealing our TV gluttony.

We hate the L-word below. | 00:04:02

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2 thoughts on “The Popular Podcast #127: whatever you eat, you’re made out of corn

  1. Here’s some info about the corn situation…why the subsidies started, etc. Basically, Earl Butz (that old dude from the Nixon administration) wanted farmers to be productive and not get paid NOT to farm like they were in his youth. Then, with all of the extra corn lying around, HFCS production began and ranchers started feeding corn to cows b/c it fattens them up quicker. Just a really huge clusterfuck. And, another example of how even bad things come from good intentions. As far as being veggie goes, A and I would be happy to talk about it with you. It actually ends up being much cheaper! We eat grass fed beef about once a month and it costs…ummm…like $8? Anyway…glad you saw the film (it was pretty boring at times). Have you seen the previews for Food, Inc? That film might shed more light on the questions you have (I’m dying to see it).

  2. hey, thanks for clearing that up for us.

    so he really was good intentioned?? wow.

    once a month??? we eat beef like twice a week! do you get it from whole foods?

    we were thinking about trying this meat-free-mondays thing. i think it will be a good way to start and also to try out some new recipes. we do typically have one serving of meat a day, so i think abstaining once a week will be a good way to at least try it.

    maybe you could recommend some recipes? ;)

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