The Popular Podcast #126: adding premium content to the to do list

We’ve been brainstorming the whole day about how to make the premium content section better, so more people will sign up for it. Sound familiar? We go into a little to do list discussion and describe how one might pay us $7 to read a blog post about changing cat litter.


Another unedited piece of turd

Watch as we wallow in self pity about the premium content stream, but gradually come out of it like the birth of a miraculous flower. We spent ALL DAY in a brainstorming session about how to make the premium content stream a better experience for you guys, and I think we are making progress. We’re going to start devoting an hour a day to making premium content for your eyes only, and we’re going to have a fucking good time doing it.

We’re always trying to figure out what content people will pay for, because it is what we want to do when we grow up… But there is also a big barrier of process–most content just takes too long to make. We know we want to tell more stories about our lives, and have the nudes, and everything else. But it’s a matter of finding a process that works for us, that creates content you love.

I still want to start a chore card post category! It will be cute. This is a really long preroll.

No one is going to watch the below video. | 00:16:22

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