The Popular Podcast #124: overriding your reality version

We have arrived at a new TPP slogan finally! “Overriding your reality version” was the product of many concepts we try to convey in this podcast: putting it out there, knowing what you want, problem solving with design thinking, do what you want, quit your dayjob, lifestyle design. The ultimate concept: empowering you to design your own reality, with a slightly more arrogant tone. Also–Jessica is starting a university in Second Life this summer, which will hopefully overhaul the entire higher education system. Kelly interrupts to show you her ugly shorts.



Finding the perfect lighting, clothing and 1300135 is always a challenge. Pony tells us how we’re going to break all of our electronic equipment. At least Jessica has jizz in her hair… We need to do some more confessionals, oops.

Find the perfect lighting below.

[qt:/filez/video/tpp_124preroll-iPhone.m4v /filez/video/clicktoplay_preroll.jpg 480 360]