The Popular Podcast #57: interview with crowdspring dot com co-founder Ross Kimbarovsky

Today we had the opportunity to interview Ross Kimbarovsky of, regarding the upcoming panel that’s other co-founder, Mike Samson, will be speaking on at SXSWi. The panel is titled “Is Spec Work Evil?” and we get down to the root of crowdspring’s stance on the issue.

7 thoughts on “The Popular Podcast #57: interview with crowdspring dot com co-founder Ross Kimbarovsky

  1. this is not about business, but it’s about semantics. that’s my issue with crowdspring anyway. it’s not about spec work that’s hurting the profession, it’s the fact that it’s perpetuating a definition of graphic designers that is putting the profession back 50 years.

    this man’s examples about the 80s is totally a red herring. the real thing we should be talking about is how they’re selling themselves as connecting people with designers to make design, when they’re really connecting people to non-designers making things that look like design, that are being passed off as design.

    i applaud their efforts at tapping into an interesting market, but please just don’t cheapen the field by calling what happens on that site graphic design.

  2. i agree; what they do is not design. it is production.

    in the follow up, i plan to address this inquiry more directly. i want to know how crowdspring answers the question: “what is graphic design?”

    however, doesn’t this take place in any profession? won’t there always be imitations vs. the real thing? which means there will always be people who don’t care and people who appreciate the difference.

    won’t there always be people who buy fake rolex?

    thanks for the compliments on the site :D

    we are still using wordpress here, as we decided to use sweetcron on our own personal sites. … those, however, i have not gotten up yet ;)

    once i get the sweetcron theme all shined up, you can totally use it. its v. easy to integrate your other SM sites.

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