the popular podcast #6: u don’t get the internet part 1: narcissism as a path to better web content


Presented is a video webinar intended to challenge thinking about the use of narcissism in the creation of web content. On the surface, the audience of the piece is anyone born before 1980. The mocking tone is meant to subtly provoke infrequent web users of any generation, while ultimately poking fun at the video narrator herself.

This video challenges the audience to not fear their own supposed narcissism, but to share their knowledge with others via the most capable medium ever: the internet. So frequently wary of placing personal information in the public sphere, this piece challenges the reasons people have for avoiding sharing online. Fear of irrelevance, or that what they share won’t be good enough, too boring, or that no one will like it, scares many away from the amazing potential of the internet.

Every contribution to the wealth of information being gathered and archived in a searchable manner online is a step towards the immediate access to a collective human knowledge and the tools to manipulate it. We are entering a time that will give every scrap of information relevance and meaning to someone, somewhere. Now that we are developing the methods to collect and view this previously uncountable data, our pooled effort will continue to manifest in unimaginable ways.

Using a style native to generation “Y”’s vernacular, the video addresses accountability, privacy, niche celebrity and tools for publishing to the web through the lens of the claim that generation “Y” is the most narcissistic generation ever.